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The MyWork Story

We know practice management because we’re accountants too

Our mission: Create the best operations management platform that will enable public accounting firms to focus on top-line growth.

At MyWork, we’re passionate about helping small CPA firms streamline processes and grow through digital transformation. It all started as a side project of helping a CPA firm struggling with increasingly chaotic paper-based processes as it took on new clients. Our founders recognized there was a better way and collaborated with them to define a basic practice management platform, which became the first version of MyWork. Over time as the firm grew, we rounded out the feature set in MyWork and the firm’s associates raved about how much easier it was to do their jobs while managing heavier workloads. Today, MyWork is a robust, secure suite of proven accounting practice management tools that makes digital transformation for every public accounting firm easy and efficient.

Our Values

Good accounting is all about accuracy, reliability, trustworthiness and ongoing innovation. We know that there is significant value to be gained from simplifying the challenges accountants face every day. And we believe our work and platform should reflect the best qualities of the accounting field. That’s why we are driven by the following values:




Focused on the customers success


Problem solvers


Technical excellence

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MyWork is on a mission to transform processes in the public accounting industry and beyond. Bring along your fresh perspective and let’s innovate together.

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