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How Shah, Dixit & Associates Doubled its Client Base Using the MyWork™ Suite

Traditional accounting processes and satisfied clients put Shah, Dixit & Associates at a crossroads: For the sake of service quality and work-life balance, they either needed to stop growing or start working differently. MyWork Suite unleashed the firm’s productivity and scalability.

Results Snapshot

More than 2x growth
Support more clients per employee
Improved customer satisfaction

A question of resources and priorities

As a small firm providing accounting, taxation, audit and business consulting services to a diverse group of small and medium-sized business clients Shah, Dixit & Associates has always had to carefully consider resources when taking on new clients. Service quality and personal relationships are hallmarks of the firm, so the partners weigh all process-related decisions carefully.

Around 2013, the firm consisted of roughly 12 employees and was struggling to keep pace with business demands. “I remember saying to myself, I think we have reached the maximum number of clients we could possibly support,” explains Asha Dixit, President of Shah, Dixit & Associates. “It was just getting harder and harder to keep track of and accurately record all of our work so we either needed to stop growing or rethink our processes.”

Up to that point, the firm had relied on paper-based processes that resulted in stacks upon stacks of folders and cumbersome workflows

Going through digital transformation with MyWork

When I started here recently, I adapted quickly to MyWork and liked it almost immediately. It’s easy to learn and navigate through. Everything is so concise and organized that it’s just an amazing platform to work with.

– Maria Bono, Executive Assistant

With perhaps some reluctance at first, Shah, Dixit & Associates became an early adopter of MyWork. “Initially, although MyWork supported paperless processes, I still asked for paper documents because I was afraid I might miss something,” said Dixit. “But it didn’t take long before I realized how much easier it was to track everything passing through the office using MyWork and what that meant for productivity, accountability and our growth potential. Today, we are a fully digital operation thanks to MyWork.”

MyWork helped modernize the firm’s processes on multiple fronts. Jaspar Wu, Staff Accountant, noted that the rich set of capabilities in the MyWork’s platform helps streamline workflows and simplify all kinds of day-to-day tasks from communicating internally to sending messages and documents to clients. “Many things like standard messages and reminders are automated, so we don’t even have to think about them anymore. And we can generate billing automatically once work is complete,” said Wu.

“With MyWork, everything is in one place, so it’s also easy to find resources or data. So if a client calls, anyone can quickly look into a request and answer questions rather than trying to track down whoever the client talked to or worked with before,” added Lisa Huynh, Staff Accountant.

Increased productivity, robust growth

Dixit said that after seeing how MyWork boosted productivity at Shah, Dixit & Associates, she reset her expectations about growth potential.

Today, the firm has doubled in size to roughly 25 employees. Shah, Dixit & Associates has also more than doubled its business, since adopting MyWork. “The scalability of our firm is possible only because of the way the information is managed and the guided workflows that MyWork enables. It really helps us stay focused on what’s important while working faster with fewer errors,” said Dixit.

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