Growth Driven By Efficiency

Automated, Cloud-based Accounting Practice Management

MyWork™ frees your team from frustrating and time-consuming tasks so they can serve more clients as proactive advisors and consultants.


Simplify client interactions

Efficiently share documents and messages with clients in the context of current work with an easy-to-use client app. And speed up responses from clients while freeing associates from mundane tasks with automated client request follow-up and status updates.


Align your teams and increase productivity

Easily balance workload across associates and prioritize tasks. A user-friendly dashboard empowers managers and supervisors with the ability to quickly assign and track tasks. Associates can view a full list of their tasks in order of priority.


Rely on guided workflows to enable efficient collaboration

Reduce errors while ensuring continuous execution of most routine work. Train new hires more easily. Make it easy for clients to track the progress of their work and respond quickly to requests for additional information, documents and more. You can customize MyWork’s rich set of guided workflows to support your firm’s unique processes.


Get a clearer picture of clients and your firm

Zoom in or out to get a better picture of your clients and internal resource utilization. Identify hotspots as deadlines near and address them before they become crises. MyWork provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities that help with everything from compliance to finding growth opportunities.


Streamline billing and collection

Enable your associates to easily track billable time. Automate invoice generation. Expedite invoice reviews and delivery. MyWork transforms the billing process and integration with common payment systems helps accelerate collections, enabling you to keep accounts receivables low.

See how MyWork transforms operational processes to drive growth.

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