Opt-In to receive notifications of work updates

After a successful login to MyWork Client app, the user will be presented with an option to receive notifications of work updates to their mobile phone number.  Such updates will merely remind the user to log in to the Client app to see the details of the work update.  Examples of work update include work status, need for additional information or documents, and invoices.

The screen below shows the pop-up that will appear asking the user to opt-in to receive notifications in the manner described above.  The mobile phone number will be pre-populated with the user’s mobile phone number that we have on record.  User will have the option to edit the phone number in which case a code will be sent to the new number through Twilio Verify to validate that the number does indeed belong to the user.

User is provide with three options: Opt-in by clicking the OK button; Defer opting in by click on the Later button; Decline to opt-in by clicking on the Opt-Out button.

User may decide to opt-out after initially opting-in.  The screen below will be available from the app’s menu to allow user to edit their preferences.